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Anxiety Management:


Anxiety is the most common mental health problem for children and teens. Our team of highly experienced counsellors will give your child a toolkit of practical easy to implement strategies to help them manage their anxiety and fears.

Divorce, Bareavement and Family Breakdown:


Our experienced team will work with your child at the most difficult of times to provide a safe and sympathetic ear. We will provide practical strategies to help overcome worries and fears linked to family break down and bereavement.

Behaviour Management:

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world! Our team will work with you to help create individual and effective behaviour management plans to ensure that your home remains a happy and harmonious one.

Exam Stress and Perfectionism:


Our children are under more and more pressure to succeed both in school and in society. Our lovely team of counsellors will help your child or teen to realise that their best will be good enough, inside and out.

Anger Management:


Anger is almost always a symptom of anxiety or other underlying causes. We will give your child effective strategies to manage their anger so that they can begin to express it in a safe and appropriate manner whilst also helping resolve the underlying causes.

Confidence and Self Esteem:


We can work with your child to help improve boost their confidence and self-esteem.  We will make your child realise how amazing they really are helping them to realise their potential and beyond!

Diet and Exercise:


A healthy body will help make a happy mind. Our team will provide expert advice on diet and exercise to help your child stay fit, healthy and strong. We can also provide specialist dietary and nutritional advice.


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