Beating exam stress.........

It's that time of year again!! Whether your children are revising for their GCSE's or University Finals - exams can cause huge amounts of anxiety for young people - so pass on these stress busting tips -

Remember - you can only do your best!

Revise in different surroundings. Try working in the library - they have everything you need.

Don’t over do it! Revise in 90 minute chunks, then have a 15 minute break from studying

Try going for a power walk, revise by walking and talking with a study buddy.

Ask for help and take the extra help from the school and share what is worrying you.

Don’t leave revision to the last minute!

Takes notes, write lists, use bullet points, use flashcards, write down on a post it note one technique that you will use in one subject.

Use Mind Maps, start in the centre, use colours, words, lines, drawings

Eat well, drink lots of water and exercise during the exams.

In the Exam:

Check your paper, plan your time and take time to read it through. Look at the mark allocation and spread your time out using this as a guide.

If you are not sure of a question move on and come back to it (Don’t Panic)!

No fizzy drinks and sweets before exams!

Stick with your positive friends and leave the exam behind you when its done.

Inspirational Passwords/Keywords can help you to remember words

If you panic – just STOP and take some deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Remember the examiner doesn’t know you and wants you to pass!

After the Exams:

After exams look to volunteer to get some experience and keep your mind busy whilst waiting on results, it’s so rewarding

If you do not achieve the results you wanted, there are always more ways to get them or alternative courses to access. Remember when one door closes another one opens!

If you don’t get the results you want talk to someone who can help you at school or college or the Uni you want to go to.

And what can you do to help as parents and carers?

Say ‘Well Done’ ‘Good Luck’ ‘Love You’ – and use positive words around your child.

Be flexible – remember your child is under real stress and will need to you to be pick your battles.

Look for signs of stress, i.e. not sleeping, eating etc.

Encourage them as much as you can; don’t say ‘if you don’t…..’ It puts added pressure on them

Remember it’s their exams not yours – they need support (we all want them to do well)

Reassure them if they come home and think they haven’t done as well as they could have done. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have done badly and they may need reminding about this.

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